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Ilustracija: DIESEL S-3 SAE 50

Monograde mineral motor oil, recommended for the lubrication of all types of heavy duty diesel engines with or without turbocharging, heavy duty vehicle engines, engines in agricultural, construction and mining industry, that required meeting of API CF quality level. It is suitable for use in gasoline engines which require API SF quality level. It is also suitable for use in transmission and hydraulic systems of construction machines which require meeting of Caterpillar TO-2 quality level. High alkalinity and high TBN (Total Base Number) enable operation with high sulfur fuel, i.e. extended oil drain interval.

Performance, features and benefits: Excellent thermal and oxidation stability; Stable oil film at high temperatures; Good protection against wear, deposit formation and corrosion; Excellent engine cleanliness.

Specification of the product

API CF/SF, CCMC D2/G2; MIL-L-2104D; Ford M2C 101-C; MB 227.0

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