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Ilustracija: ATF DX III

Multipurpose semi synthetic oil, intended for the lubrication of automatic transmissions, servo steerings and torque converters of passenger and commercial vehicles (light vans, trucks, buses), as well as of agricultural and construction machines, which require oil to meet listed specifications. It is suitable for use in hydraulic and hydro-transmission systems in marine’s machines and equipments, as well as for the other different machines and equipment where is required oil to meets listed specifications.

Performance, features and benefits: Excellent protection against corrosion; High thermal and oxidation stability; Very good properties at low temperatures; Excellent antiwear properties and controlled friction features.

Specification of the product

GM Dexron IIIH/IIIG/IIIF; MB 236.6; Allison C-4/Allison TES 389; Caterpillar TO-2; Ford MERCON/Ford M; ZF TE-ML 09/14A/21L; MAN 339 Type V1/Z1; Voith H 55.6336.41.

About the product