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Ilustracija: FRIZANTIN® G12+ -40

Prepared coolant for cooling system of motor vehicles. It is intended for the latest generation of motor vehicles with cooling systems produced on the basis of aluminium and light metals. Guarantees improved heat transfer, that provides special flexibility of engine and maximum reliability to the customers. Does not contain nitrates, phosphates, silicates and borates. Provides extended replacement interval up to 5 years or 250,000 km traveled.

Specification of the product

SRPS H.Z2.010 Tip 3; ASTM D 3306/4985 Tip 3; BS 6580; SAE J 1034; AFNOR NF R15- 601; VW/Audi/Bentley/Lamborghini/Seat/Škoda/Porsche TL 774-D/F (G12/G12+); Ford WSS M97B44-D/E; MB 325.3; MAN 324 Type SNF.

About the product